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We offer two things: Comedy and History—sometimes at the very same time. Sometimes not.

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Pirates: Pirates of the Caribbean meets Dilbert. Corporate politics on the high seas. LISTEN NOW!


See-Me Seattle PODCAST

Back trail journey in hiking boots through Seattle’s quirky and sometimes seamy history. LISTEN NOW!

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Our Book(s)

Again we offer comedy and/or history, in no particular order, rhyme or reasons. Enjoy!


Shore Duty

by Robin Alan Jones

Sex, drugs and the Beach Boys and the Navy.

Paul Ellefsetter’s goal for his Navy career is to not be the nail that gets hammered down. What happens though is he is pulled into a gang of talented technicians at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who in turn lead him into a series of misadventures, sexual and others, that go against his original goal of passing through the Navy unnoticed rather than flying in the face of Navy regs.

Set in the 1970s, Paul is part of a world before political correctness has taken hold, the era of men are men, and sex, drugs and the Beach Boys. In the end through it Paul finds what is true in himself;albeit his path was not that unenjoyable (sex, drugs and Beachboys). A year long story of a lifetime friendship.

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The Antarctic Shop offers T-Shirts and other merchandise inspired by our podcasts. The graphics used in our clothing line are our own “hand drawn” illustrations and any images are from our own photography (unless otherwise specified). Be assured that you will be buying an original garment, only available through our shop.

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