Pirates Podcast Episode 2

In Pirates Podcast Episode 2, Captain Kidd puts down a minor rebellion on the part of some of the crew and discovers that the Adventure Galley is down to its last Dodo.

Pirates Podcast Notes

Greetings Pod Universe,

Welcome back to the podcast "Pirates." This is Robin Allan Jones with the further adventures of those wacky buccaneers of the Indian Ocean. When we dropped in last, Captain Kidd shocked his crew of cutthroats with a . . . Mission Statement.

Let's return to our story of violence and professional one-upmanship on the High Seas.

Visit us next time when O'Malley gets behind Captain Kidd's crazy scheme of using pirates to catch pirates, proposes a crewman of the month award, and Hawkeye spots a Giant Spotted Grouper.

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Till next time . . .

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